Crash and Burn – Falling off the Low Carb Bandwagon

Falling of the Low Carb Bandwagon Hurts …

I have no excuses. However, it is interesting to see how just five-days of crazy-iness can make me feel bloated, sick, unhappy, low energy and guilty. Back to the drawing board friends ……. I guess it is time to hike up my big girl panties and do the walk of shame. ;0)

It looks like I left off on the 14th at Eggs and Granola.

First I wanted to tell you that I signed up at and received a package from them. I love packages! It had a handy-dandy little carb counter booklet, 2 other useful booklets and three meal bars. Today I am a bit excited because I am going on a hunt for the new version of the Atkins book … mind you I have no patience to sit and wait for delivery from a website. I also mentioned before that there is a $3.00 rebate coupon on the Atkins website for the book. I love deals.

So onward …..

New Goals for Mrs.Fluff-n-Stuff

1. Eat 4-5 small meals a deal, pending work schedule (I work three jobs – this could prove tricky)
2. 4-6 Ounces of protein at each meal
3. Eat no more than 20 grams of health Carbs/ 15 Carbs from Veggies
4. Take a daily multi-vitamin
5. Walk at least 4 X a week – 3-4 miles each time
6. Do pilates (or) yoga for 30-40 minutes each day
7. Keep track of everything in Fit-Day
8. Keep journaling here

Weigh-In today – 191 lbs

Just in case you’re wondering I immediately went crazy when we had our annual banquet at the Fire Dept. – I drank (a little too much) which led to eating what was available and not thinking about it. Thakk goodness I only drink once a year and it’s now passed.


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