Tuesday Food-Log 04/13/10

Breakfast – NONE

Lunch – NONE

Snack – 4:00 pm

1 boiled egg

Snack – 5:30 pm (Guess I am hungry)

Atkins Peanut Butter Crisp Bar

Dinner – 6:30 pm

Iceberg salad with cucumbers, diced chicken, & Italian Dressing
2 Small Sausage Patties & 3 Over Medium Eggs in 1 Tbsp. Butter

Calories: 1238
Fat: 139.2
Carbs: 13.3
Protein: 87.9

Today was not a good day for eating …. I found out my four-year old son needs to have a biopsy done on a lump on his neck.

Atkins shared two recipies today perhaps of interest … Egg Salad and Egg Salad Plus .. I’ll be making this for snacks! Yummy!


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Fought the Urge of Pasta-Monster

Last evening we had a family cook-out which usually entails mom’s yummy potato salad piled high with everything but the sink, my own macaroni salad, hot-dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and of course – fresh made peach pie. For once – I dreaded this little get together but anticipated the challenge of myself and ability to stick to the plan.

Kudos to me – I stuck my nose up to the salads and instead made chicken salad with celery and tomato, I had a hot dog and a 1/4 lb. hamburger with ketchup fixings without the bun (I didn’t miss it either!) and I casually walked away from the table as everyone gobbled down peach pie envisioning myself a month from now feeling better without the peach pie sitting on my hips. Wonderful. Naturally my family observed my new eating habits – horrified. My mom is the comfort food queen … home cooking and EVERYONE is required to eat until they bust. Thanks to my preparation for questions I eased through the evening without the stress of hearing “Why are you starving yourself?”, “Why are you eating that when you can have THIS?” … it was easier then I thought minus my husband asking “So hunny, you want your roll grilled” – as a joke obviously the man doesn’t cherish his life.

I came home last night totally satisfied with myself and woke up this morning feeling bloated and way full – still. I think I may have over ate last night? I don’t know … but it’s 10 am now and I just ate a boiled egg because I still feel full yet I don’t want to deprive my body of something. Regardless …. I’m sticking to the plan with confidence and determination. Plus 50 sit-ups and a much needed 4 mile walk with my pal … Bear this afternoon. The sun is shining and I’m feeling full. Can it get any better???

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Monday Food-Log 4/12/10

Breakfast – 9:45 am

1 sliced hard boiled egg
2 c. coffee

Lunch – 12:00 pm (Wasn’t very hungry)

1 sliced hard boiled egg
Atkins Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
3 c. coffee

Dinner – 5:00 pm

Broiled haddock with garlic shrimp & mushrooms
Romaine salad with 1 boiled egg & 1 tbsp. Tomato – Bacon dressing

Calories: 1479
Fat: 113.4
Carbs: 20.6 (went over .6!!!)
Protein: 184.9

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Sunday Food-Log 04/11/10

Breakfast – 8am (Bacon & Cheese Omelete)

2 Eggs Scrambled
1 Tbspn. Butter
3 Thin Slices of Bacon
1 oz. American Cheese

Lunch – 1pm

Atkins Granola Chocolate Chip Bar

Dinner – 5pm

Chicken Salad (mayo, celery, & canned chicken breast)
One 1/4 hamburger, grilled with ketchup

Snack – 9:30 pm

Atkins Peanut Butter Crisp Bar

Calories: 1273
Fat: 139.5
Carbs: 13
Protein: 86.8

By the way – I found this rebate for the new revised Atkins Book – it’s printable.

I also found this really great list of success tips authored by whyguy – check them out. I printed them and posted them on my fridge.

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I don’t know what I’m doing!

Today’s goal is to find informational articles on low carb lifestyle and put together a meal plain for the remaining month of April.

Yesterday I did accomplish a nice walk that included my husband and kids. We hiked through a gorgeous nature trail and if it wasn’t so darn windy out I would have suggested we go further. None the less – it was so much fun. I think we’re going back there today – if not I have asked my brother to walk our usual 4 miles with me.

As you can see by yesterday’s food log I did well with my food intake – minus the Rye Sandwich thins. I didn’t however, eat any dinner. By 6 pm I was sporting a massive headache from being tired. The previous night my 2 year old woke up randomly every 2 hours and I finally gave up at 6 am yesterday morning. My body was screaming for sleep as I dozed off around 7 pm last night and woke up at 7 am. 12 hours of much needed sleep. Thanks to my loving husband who fed the kids dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and put the monsters to bed. I am so blessed.

Prior to LC research and menu planning I have to finish up college work. I weighed in at exactly 188 this morning – no difference from yesterday. Perhaps having sandwich thins would be great on maintenance but not on the losing phase. I hope to check out some more blogs today. Well, I’m off to have breakfast with my brother. I’ll check in later.

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What Bandwagon?

Lets face it – we all have our indulgences. I was informed yesterday by my inner skinny bitch voice … “You have fallen off the bandwagon.” What bandwagon? I’m not following a diet or any type of strict, ritualistic routine. Okay – I own up .. I had a nutty butty bar. Why in the hell do I feel so guilty? I loved it. It was wonderful. After I finished it – that skinny bitch voice cackled and said “You my friend have just gained 5 lbs. hahaha!” Whatever. It just so happens that I have yet to fully adhere to my NO DAMN JUNKFOOD rule. However, in my own defense I have done well for myself otherwise. That’s life – I’m not perfect-o.

In other news life is just peachy (said with a slight sarcastic tone). I managed to get all my bills paid off this month which is always a glorious stress-free moment of relaxation. That moment is usually followed by broken silence from my needy husband or demanding kids. I haven’t walked all week and that alone makes me feel like a fat girl. I will today – I promise to report back with confirmation. ;0) How are you?

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Saturday Food-Log 04/10/10

Breakfast 11am (Bacon-Scramble)

2 Eggs Scrambled
1 Tbspn. Butter
3 Thin Slices of Bacon
1 oz. Swiss Cheese

Lunch 2:30 pm (Roast Beef on Rye Thin)

2 thin slices of Seasoned Roast Beef
1 oz. Swiss Cheese
1/2 Tbsp. Mayo
Romaine Lettuce
1 Thin Slice of Tomatoe
1 Serving of Rye Sandwich Thins

Daily Intake
Calories: 822
Fat: 58.2
Carbs: 30.6
Protien: 44.8

*No dinner as I fell asleep at 7pm with a headache*

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