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Thurs. Food-Log 04/15/10

I haven’t felt very well today so eating every 3-4 hours was a repulsive idea. I have instead just ate when I feel hungry.

Breakfast – 8am

2 Egg & Swiss Cheese (1 oz.) Omelet
3 c. Coffee

Lunch – 3pm

2 Scrambled Eggs w/ Ketchup
2 Small Pork Sausage Patties
1 c. Coffee

Calories: 744
Fat: 61.3
Carbs: 5.6
Protein: 43.8


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Wednesday Food-Log 04/14/10

Breakfast – 8am

2 Fried Eggs/1 tspn. butter substitute
2 Cups of Coffee

Snack – 11am

1 Fried Egg/.5 tspn. butter substitute
1 oz. cheese

Lunch – 3pm

Atkins Choc-Ship Granola Bar
12 oz. Diet Mt Dew

Dinner – 6pm

6 oz. sirloin steak -grilled
2 scrambled eggs
1 fresh stemmed asparagus
1/2 c. sauteed shrimp

Calories: 1173
Fat: 60.8
Carbs: 9.6
Protein: 128.9

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WL Stall, Plateau Busters & Induction Flu

I am glad I have been keeping a Food-Log .. it seems that I am doing something wrong as I have hit a stall and haven’t bunched a single ounce in one week. I am hoping with some minor adjustments I can get things rolling (or melting away) again. I read through some Plateau Busters to see just what it is that I am doing wrong ..

Hidden sugars & Invisible Carbs … maybe in my fat free creamer?  The label states no sugar (0g) and 1 carb (1g). Then when I read the ingredients I notice “corn syrup, with less then 2% sugar” – hmmmm. Problem?

Eating enough, 6 small meals a day … well this is a problem for me. Strangely enough I have never been a big eater. In fact I have never eaten much at all however, previously I would eat very little of very bad things. This a habit I have to break – as you can see by yesterday’s Food-Log I didn’t eat until 4:00 p.

– Food Allergies? … I don’t believe so and the first thought is rather entertaining. I would be very upset if I was allergic to food. I like food. But perhaps – I will pay closer attention to what is in what I’m eating. I probably should start organic/raw/no chemical based foods and see if that helps?

– We have a winner – Drinking too much coffee – I can drink it all day long along side water. I will make an extended effort to have two cups in the morning and one in the evening while doing homework. That will help.

I don’t take any medications, no sex hormones (ie. Birth Control), I do take a multi-vitamin each evening … hmmm … what’s going on? What I take from this list is I’m not eating enough which is throwing my body into starvation mode – I didn’t mean to. Bad habits are hard to break. I get so busy between working two jobs, three kids, full time college work and life I sometimes (most often) forget to eat until I’m fading away with hunger.

I am really considering Jimmy Moore’s Egg-fest & following suit of LCDJ. *taps keyboard* … it’s either Eggs or this >>> Stillman’s Quick Weight Loss Diet. I don’t know about you but I like meat however not enough to make it my only food source. But eggs … well I’m a freak – I can think of a million ways to eat them … so I think I’m up for Jimmy’s menu of choice: Egg Fest time.

I forgot to mention the past two days I felt like hell. Perhaps induction flu? I was headachey, my stomach was rolling around, I wanted to eat but I didn’t. Strange.

Off to work *Cheers*

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Saturday Food-Log 04/10/10

Breakfast 11am (Bacon-Scramble)

2 Eggs Scrambled
1 Tbspn. Butter
3 Thin Slices of Bacon
1 oz. Swiss Cheese

Lunch 2:30 pm (Roast Beef on Rye Thin)

2 thin slices of Seasoned Roast Beef
1 oz. Swiss Cheese
1/2 Tbsp. Mayo
Romaine Lettuce
1 Thin Slice of Tomatoe
1 Serving of Rye Sandwich Thins

Daily Intake
Calories: 822
Fat: 58.2
Carbs: 30.6
Protien: 44.8

*No dinner as I fell asleep at 7pm with a headache*

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