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Crash and Burn – Falling off the Low Carb Bandwagon

Falling of the Low Carb Bandwagon Hurts …

I have no excuses. However, it is interesting to see how just five-days of crazy-iness can make me feel bloated, sick, unhappy, low energy and guilty. Back to the drawing board friends ……. I guess it is time to hike up my big girl panties and do the walk of shame. ;0)

It looks like I left off on the 14th at Eggs and Granola.

First I wanted to tell you that I signed up at and received a package from them. I love packages! It had a handy-dandy little carb counter booklet, 2 other useful booklets and three meal bars. Today I am a bit excited because I am going on a hunt for the new version of the Atkins book … mind you I have no patience to sit and wait for delivery from a website. I also mentioned before that there is a $3.00 rebate coupon on the Atkins website for the book. I love deals.

So onward …..

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Thurs. Food-Log 04/15/10

I haven’t felt very well today so eating every 3-4 hours was a repulsive idea. I have instead just ate when I feel hungry.

Breakfast – 8am

2 Egg & Swiss Cheese (1 oz.) Omelet
3 c. Coffee

Lunch – 3pm

2 Scrambled Eggs w/ Ketchup
2 Small Pork Sausage Patties
1 c. Coffee

Calories: 744
Fat: 61.3
Carbs: 5.6
Protein: 43.8

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I don’t know what I’m doing!

Today’s goal is to find informational articles on low carb lifestyle and put together a meal plain for the remaining month of April.

Yesterday I did accomplish a nice walk that included my husband and kids. We hiked through a gorgeous nature trail and if it wasn’t so darn windy out I would have suggested we go further. None the less – it was so much fun. I think we’re going back there today – if not I have asked my brother to walk our usual 4 miles with me.

As you can see by yesterday’s food log I did well with my food intake – minus the Rye Sandwich thins. I didn’t however, eat any dinner. By 6 pm I was sporting a massive headache from being tired. The previous night my 2 year old woke up randomly every 2 hours and I finally gave up at 6 am yesterday morning. My body was screaming for sleep as I dozed off around 7 pm last night and woke up at 7 am. 12 hours of much needed sleep. Thanks to my loving husband who fed the kids dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and put the monsters to bed. I am so blessed.

Prior to LC research and menu planning I have to finish up college work. I weighed in at exactly 188 this morning – no difference from yesterday. Perhaps having sandwich thins would be great on maintenance but not on the losing phase. I hope to check out some more blogs today. Well, I’m off to have breakfast with my brother. I’ll check in later.

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I Like Food

I like food. Who doesn’t? I have found that in the past three-weeks I have been    able to control my “out of control” eating habits. This has inspired me to remain committed to my own challenge of making healthier eating choices as well as pushing myself to walk as often as possible. Although my routine remains flawed I am still confident in my ability to continue pursuing a healthier lifestyle.


March 07, 2010: 195 lbs
April 08, 2010: 186 lbs

– 9 lbs thus far.

So, it may not be an astronomical amount of weight and perhaps I could have done better but, I am damn proud of my accomplishments and motivations.  I am not food obsessed, fat obsessed, and I never count calories. I do pay attention to carb intake. I have had prior success on the Atkins Diet.  I do find that I quite often go without eating until noon. It is not that I am purposely ignoring my hunger, instead it is that I don’t feel hungry until around noon. I have been able to eat a majority of the same foods I have prior. I have cut out most sugars (cookies, candy, ect.), I limit the amount of bread I eat and always chose Rye or Multi-gran, I have pasta once a week or even once every other week. It has been rather easy to adjust to including limiting myself to one diet soda a couple times a week. Even being down nine pounds I feel better about myself because I am taking care of myself. I hope this blog serves as a progress blog and perhaps I will be able to meet others along the way.

Of course this blog wouldn’t entirely be about me if I didn’t include life’s little moments revolved around my family of five. Myself, my husband of 12 years, our three children, our dog and two cats.

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